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Bulletin makes it easier to find fun and competitive golf events in your area.

Did you know that there are 16,383 golf courses in the U.S. – 75% of which are open to the public!

Why is it so hard to find golf events?

Well, with 16,383 golf courses, 59 USGA Allied Golf Associations, thousands of member clubs (1,200 in Florida alone), organizations driving $3.9 billion in charitable giving annually and a variety of other exceptional event hosts across the country – it’s no surprise you keep missing amazing events!

Why do we exist

Bulletin is the digital platform bringing golf event registrations online. As avid golfers ourselves, we were frustrated with endless (unsuccessful!) Google searches, checking bulletin boards at local courses and missing deadlines for our favorite events. So we did something about it.

Message from our CEO

Our mission at Bulletin is to make it easier for golfers of all abilities to find their ideal events. Whether you’re looking for a competitive tournament at a championship course or a social event at your local municipal course, we’ve got you covered.

We believe golf is more than just a game. It’s a key pillar of our social, competitive and physical wellbeing. We derive a huge amount of satisfaction from participating in events. We’re here to make sure you do too!

See you out there

Tate Adkins | Founder of Bulletin Golf

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