Last updated: July 26, 2020

Bulletin is an online directory for golf events. Our platform exists to promote accessibility in golf and to help drive participation in events. The information and imagery displayed on our website, social media accounts and newsletter is obtained either from direct submissions by individuals and organizations or from publicly available sources. While every effort is made to ensure the proper use and accuracy of the contents of our platform, Bulletin does not guarantee that the information displayed is always correct.

Bulletin disclaimer

If you discover any errors or have any concerns about the content on our website, social media or newsletter (including the display of incorrect information and failing to ascribe proper credit for creative materials), we respectfully ask that you contact us directly at the email address shown below. It is never our intention to display false information or take credit for material that is not ours and we will rectify any issues immediately.

Please also note that the views and opinions presented by organizations and individuals at events do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Bulletin. Additionally, a listing of an event on our website does not necessarily imply an endorsement by Bulletin of that event or organization. Golfers attending or participating in an event do so at their own discretion.

Please direct any comments or questions to our team at: help@bulletingolf.com